Spin Expo – March, 2010

I would like to share with you one of the greatest shows that I attended since moving to Asia 18 months ago…

The show is called the Spin Expo, it was the 15th expo to be held in Shanghai, the Spin Expo ran from March 9th through the 11th. I have never attended this show in the past and was on the fence about going especially since the only day I could attend was the first day and it was starting to snow in Shanghai and was obviously cold outside. When I finally arrived at 10:00am I was ushered into a line that didn’t seem to have an end, below is a picture from the registration and entrance which was outside (yes, where it was snowing):

Spin Expo – Registration/Entrance

Once I got done filling out the registration and had someone review my application I was allowed to get into the line which went around the corner, the next picture shows the view of the line outside once I turned the corner:

Spin Expo – Entrance

This is when I started question this show and asking myself if this looks like a waste of time… I was the only foreigner in line… As I got closer to the front I started looking for other lines and then noticed that there was one shorter line for pre-registered attendees, but then even the pre-registered guests were slow to be processed as they had luggage and couldn’t find their business cards. I couldn’t help but document this insane line outside where it was damn cold and snowing lightly:

Spin Expo – Registration

I finally got through the line after waiting for 20 minutes.  I decided to take one more picture of the line and the registration area.   There is a portion that goes around the corner to the left were you are first required to fill out a form for registration, see first photo.

Spin Expo – Registration

Upon entering it was a totally different scene from outside, there was a long row of organized fabric swatches with inspirational trends from the show, see below for photos.  This was a refreshing change.

Spin Expo – Fabric Trends
Spin Expo – Fabric Trends

On my walk though the fabric trend area I noticed a few stalls that said Police and Custom restroom, which seemed a little out-of-place and not in use besides the attendees organizing their papers and having a rest:

The restrooms

Once I was finished downstairs I took the one way escalator to the next level (2nd Floor), this is  when the awe started… it was a designers dream, inspirations were everywhere. Fabrics were hanging with tags that profiled the spinner, stall number, and yarn of the maker. Below is design application of knitted fabric with the light shinning through:

Spin Expo – Inspirations

There were a few models near the entrance showing off the fashions and fabrics from Santoni and other designers profiled at the show, see below photos of the models:

Spin Expo – Models
Spin Expo – Models

Looking beyond the models, I was back in the discovery of the fabrics, there were plenty more areas that previewed fabric swatches and combination’s of fabrics from exhibitors at the show.  The 2nd floor was allocated to the designers and trends for the S011 season.  After the show I discovered the organizers of the Spin Expo divided the Trend areas into 7 zones called: White Light, Porcelain White, Ethnic White, Neon White, Active Wear, Looking to the future, and Healthy Beginnings.

Spin Expo – Fabric Trends
Spin Expo – Fabric Trends
Spin Expo – The Green family

In addition to all the fabrics there were great Blue inspirations (Porcelain White & Neon White) that could be utilized by all denim brands that live the Blue life or designers, merchandisers, developers and consumers who want Blue… imagine the endless possibilities.

Blue – help is here
Blue – color trends, mixing and matching fabrics

Blue - heathered Blues

Blues – melange heathered Blues
Blue – textured with waffle or honeycomb inspirations
Blue – textured and printed bliss with a blur
Blue – chemically processed
Blue – transitions with attention to dye and stitching
Blue – Slub with tie dye
Blue – Tie Dye over the top of Jacquard…

In addition to the above inspirational fabrics there were also inspirational samples that were designed by Sophie Steller, see below photos:

Blue – traditional with a little hippie – Tie Dyed Argyle
Blue – Grandpa or College with texture
Blue – Traditional Nautical, with a deep V

There were also inspiring fashion pieces (Looking to the Future and White Light) that you would see on the runways of Milan, Paris, London, or New York, see below for style inspirations:

Fashion – style inspirations
Fashion – style inspiration
Fashion – style inspiration
Fashion – style inspirations, designed by Sophie Steller
Fashion – style inspirations
Fashion – style inspirations, designed by LIU Hing Choi, WONG Man Sin and YIU Wan Yan

With the growth of the streetwear and athletic segment it was every so important to see this great athletic (Active Wear) street inspired collection, find below the story boards, designed by Giovanni Cavagna:

Athletic – Yoga Inspirations
Athletic – Dance Inspirations
Athletic – Tennis Inspirations

To go with the story boards there were inspirational samples highlighting even more creativity… I could think of handful of brands that could use this kind of talent and inspiration. If you are one of the those brands let me know and I will work with you on the procurement.

Athletic – Style Inspiration
Athletic – Style Inspiration
Athletic – Style Inspiration
Athletic – Style Inspiration
Athletic – Style Inspiration
Athletic – Style Inspiration
Athletic – Style Inspiration
Athletic – Style Inspiration

As a final post to the blog, I would like to start with were we all started in life as a new-born baby… This one focused on Organic and sustainable fabrics (Healthy Beginnings) that cater to a new born… The execution was done too a tee, I enjoyed this experience thoroughly and hope you do too…   The fabrics highlighted in the Healthy beginnings trend are Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Soya, Milk Protein, Wool, Cashmere, and fine animal hair fibers.

Why Organic?
Skin exposure 24/7, 7 days a week
Wool benefits
Wool reduces risk
Wool and Cotton, natural fibers
Organic – The new born inspiration

Inside the inspiration theme area I took some great pictures of items that highlighted the style and benefits for Organics and new borns. This is how we all started in our natural state, it’s all the chemicals that make us what we are today… imagine a world without?

Organics – Style Inspirations
Organics – Style Inspirations

All the above was only the inspirations on the second floor, as well their were designers from around the globe who offered there outsourced services, up on the top-level (3rd Floor) were the yarn suppliers and garment makers for all inspirations on the second floor and beyond, below are a few photos from the show floor:

The show – domestic and international exhibitors
The show – Quality product with room to view

All contact information or original files or additional files that are not posted I have available for paid members of SourceTheGlobe.com. The designers and suppliers are also interested in hearing from you, I can forward information as needed, as well suppliers can be found at http://www.sourcetheglobe.com. You can also view the url for the Spin Expo at: http://www.spinexpo.com .  I am also based in China and can attend shows, meet with suppliers, source your products, negotiate the best pricing, deliveries, and look after your production as you need. Let me know your needs and I will deliver above and beyond.

In conclusion the Spin Expo is a show to attendee for all knitwear Knit buyers to attend. If you are a designer, merchandiser, sourcing professional or buyer you should be attending this event.   As everything there is always gems to be found its just depends on how open your eyes and mind are… be positive, stay focused and have fun 🙂 Cheers and happy sourcing

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