G Mail Scam

I am writing in regards to a letter I received yesterday with the heading “Confirmation of email address” from G Mail to Systema.  The email I received is below:

G Mail scam email

Of course I was immediately alerted to the email as I have a G Mail account.  After reading the email I immediately knew it was not real. When reading this email you should have noticed the following which would tell you its a fake:

1) The sender’s name is G Mail?  Do you think G Mail would send an email from G Mail?

2) The recipient’s name is Systema?  Does this mean it was a blast email by G Mail?  Not even individually addressed?

3) The grammar is poor, “Due to anonymous registration… so we are shutting down some accounts”  and “Your account will not be interrupted…”

4) In addition the color of the Black type is different from top to bottom.  Does this mean that this email was cut and pasted from a previous email?

5) Its tacky… a large corporation like Google would never send such an email, below is a photo of the expanded email with the addresses available for everyone to see:

G Mail scam letter expanded

6) Do you really think G Mail would send an email from pwwadxcvs@gmail.com with a recipient address of systema@gmail.com.

But I thought how many people may take this literally and actual respond with their basic information such as full name, password, date of birth, and country.  Well if you do or did respond your email account will most likely be hijacked.  I am not sure about Google’s preventative measures for this type of scam but with that much information about you it maybe difficult to reclaim your email account.  If you have anything to add in regards to this scam email or other G Mail scams please leave your comments below.

One thought on “G Mail Scam

  1. I think the bad grammar in the first paragraph alone is a dead give away…
    A space, or two between the “.” and the first letter of the following sentence is required in proper English. Not to mention using “filling” when it should be “fill in” another common Chinglish mistake, which is strictly forbidden in a company like Google.


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