The Four R’s… Reduce, Repair, and Reuse, aka Recycle

Predicting the future and discovering my creativity during this holiday season that started many years ago in the spring.

Dont Worry Amazing

I want you to know that I have an addiction!!! The big problem is I like to shop.  I like to check out the latest and greatest of styles and purchase more of what I already have.

Cherish and outlive

Until the old becomes new again or you rediscover a piece you forgot about and possibly paid to much for.  Now it’s about how to make that piece fit into the future.  Not the present, but the future!!!


For years I have had a love for denim!!! I have been collecting denim bottoms for over 20 years!!! Some of which I still wish I had today!!

I go through phases and for 5 or 7 years, I purchase the same brand, the same style (if available) until I discover a new favourite, then I repeat the pattern.  I buy out of loyalty to the brand, not because I need another piece.

For the last 10 years I have started to Reduce, Repair, and Reuse my favourites.  Below I cover some of what I have repaired!!!

Thigh and knee

Get more connected with your products by fixing, repairing, reusing, and recycling them.

Front pocket

It’s one of a kind, it’s my personal piece once it’s repaired.

My Crotch

back pockets

bottom hem

It’s all about creative rework and possibly more rework, reimagine the possibilities… Below I mix my favourite sweater, with my favourite underwear (that got worn too much) with a beautiful vintage kimono piece I purchased in Tokyo.

Favourite Sweater

You save money, if you buy better quality/style that last longer.  You end up buying fewer or you have more reason to recycle as their is a more emotional connection.

When I arrived to China, I bought a scooter to get around, but what you quickly learn is their is a seat bandit(s) in town who take great pride and slicing seats, so I went through five new seats at $50 each in a few years, I decided to explore the creative side and for $5, I got the seat hand sewn.


Sustainability by recycling, reusing, reworking the garment or item!!!  What are you doing?

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