Garment Sourcing, Tradeshows and more

Last year (2009) I attended 18 and exhibited in 3 fashion related (OEM, sourcing, and brand) trade shows.  Since I am based in Mainland China I visited most trade shows in China including but not limited to:

–          Shanghai International  Clothing and Textile Expo

–          Shanghai Textile and Apparel Trade Fair

–          International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai, China)

–          ITMA Asia + CITME

–          Premiere Vision Shanghai

–          Korea Textile & Apparel Show (preview in Shanghai)

–          China International Textile & Apparel Trade Fair

–          Shanghai Mode Lingerie

–          Hong Kong Mode Lingerie

–          Hong Kong Fashion Week

–          Canton fair

–          CHIC Beijing

–          Intertextile Beijing

–           Intertextile Shanghai

–          Ningbo International Textile Fabrics, Accessories & Yarns and Garment Manufacturers Fair

–          China (Suzhou) International Clothing & Accessories OEM processing Exhibition

–          China (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair

–          China Keqiao International Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition

In North America I attended Sourcing at Magic, Magic, WWD Magic, Project, and Pool trade show in Las Vegas. In addition to the fashion trade shows I also attended a few non fashion related trade shows like China International Gold, Jewelry & Gem Fair, China Joy, Music China and Auto Shanghai.

In addition to attending trade shows I also visited fashion, manufacturing marts, attended conferences, meet with federal and provincial government related officials.  Toured factories, manufacturers, and suppliers for the apparel sourcing supply chain.

My objective in doing all this was to build my knowledge and resources and add to the 10,000 plus contacts I already have in the apparel manufacturing supply chain.  I have documented and recorded some of the findings on, as well suppliers have created their own profiles on the site.

My passion is to share my knowledge, intelligence and spirit with everyone in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry by bridging the gap and hopefully simplifying the Apparel sourcing process.

Let me know if you are interested in attending any of the above trade shows as I may know the right contacts to assist with your hotel accommodation, food or travel needs at sometimes no cost to you.  In the near future I am also planning to take serious buyers to key provinces, regions, and cities to visit with key suppliers in the apparel manufacturing supply chain.

I am available to assist with your garment supply chain sourcing needs and I can be reached by various methods:





Cheers and happy sourcing…

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